As a new mom, I loved buying new clothes for my first born. I didn’t care if I wore old clothes from a decade ago as long as my little one was in the best & trendiest outfits. 

However, I realized that the amount of clothes he didn’t fit in anymore was TOO MUCH. The wardrobe was overflowing and the old clothes just kept piling up! I then came to a realization and decided to try a different lifestyle, one that’s much more sustainable both for the environment and for my wallet 😆

Here is what I started with and what you could consider too as you embark on a more sustainable journey:

Buy one size bigger 

Extend the Life of your Kids' Clothes

Dotty Ladybug Infantwear

As we know, kids outgrow their clothes so quickly– in fact babies could grow up to 5 sizes in MONTHS! Buying clothes that are 1 size bigger than their current size is super practical and the outfit can be used for a longer period of time. I mean, oversized clothing is a thing right? Pair that with a cute belt now when its loose and it will be fitting in a few months!

Use less harsh kids detergen

Extend the Life of your Kids' Clothes

This is one thing I used to underestimate - the impact of a good quality detergent on my clothes’ durability and overall sheen. When you use detergents that are less harsh, your clothes won’t thin out or get fuzzy quickly. Here are my favorite gentle detergent brands Babyganics, Biohome and Tollyjoy

Categorize outfits according to size

Extend the Life of your Kids' Clothes

A simple yet effective tip! Put the smaller sizes on top, closer to you, for easier access. This way, the size will be used to its full potential. They’ll use it again and again until it no longer fits, then rotate the cycle to change into bigger ones and repeat.

When there are rips or tears, repair!

Extend the Life of your Kids' Clothes

When something’s broken, don't throw it away immediately. If possible, take a sewing kit and fix it or bring it to someone who can! Here you can find affordable tailors across Singapore.

It would be perfect if we teach kids to live sustainably! Turn dressing up into eco-friendly fun with our BUY-USE-RETURN cycle. Fun, stylish and sustainable - that's shopping at Nimbu for your child's next adventure. 🌱💫✨