Guide to a Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Holi

Time really flies and before I could process it, Holi is already here! Playing with color is the activity my kids look forward to the most. They love anything that’s messy, out of order and colorful despite what it’s going to do to our floors and walls. However, these activities can be wasteful and non kid friendly, especially with all those toxic paints and colors.

With a few tweaks and rearrangements, here are a few things you can do to make your Holi more sustainable and eco-friendly:

Swap the Whites for Preloved: As we know, Holi is all about color! To get the kids super messy in, get them to wear preloved clothes instead of brand new white shirts. This way, you won’t have to deal with permanent stains and end up having to buy new clothes AGAIN.


DIY with your Littles this Holi: An easy and fun activity won’t hurt anyone. You can try making quilted scarfs from old clothes that are no longer worn. All you need are unused clothes, scissors and a sewing kit. Sew small patches into a big or long scarf, anything you like. Fun fact, even the most worn out things can be given new life! 



Use Eco-Friendly Holi Colors: Instead of using paints and colors that could be too harsh for your kids’ precious skin, try making eco-friendly colors this year. A short trip to the kitchen is all you need to do :) Use boiled & strained beetroot for red, turmeric for orange, indigo powder for blue and henna powder for green. For a dry option, you could mix the ingredients with gram flour in a 1:3 ratio. If you prefer wet, mix them with some water. You can make the perfect shade of color by changing the ratio, it’s so easy. If you’d like different colors, see what you can find in your seasoning cupboard. For easier instructions, you can watch our full demo tutorial on our instagram @nimbukids -- here.

make your own holi colour DIY

With small tweaks like these, you can make your Holi much more safe & sustainable both for your kids and you! Hope you have an amazing and blessed Holi with your family ❤️ 

Happy Holi, Nimbu mama


March 18, 2022 — Kriti Gupta
Tags: holi summer