Since I became a parent, I have had to change so many things about myself because my toddler is literally watching me like a HAWK, ALL THE TIME - just waiting for me to slip up so he can immediately point out how mummy is wrong!

We have to be the role models that we want our kids to become. Same goes for introducing sustainable living and reducing wastage. Instead of constantly nagging to shut the tap, turn off the lights, don't waste tissue paper - we have to start by showing first.

Here are 5 tried and tested, easy-peasy lemon-squeezy ways to turn your cuties into sustainability Gurus, who can lecture the most learned in your families on how to save the Earth!

1. Educate them in an entertaining way

Sustainable Living to Little Ones
Show them what's happening to our beautiful planet due to climate change and what that means for us at home. You could start with these cute videos on Youtube for kids to understand what climate change is really about. Click here


2. Save, Reduce, Reuse 

Save save save - "Water Wally feels so sad when you let the tap run for no reason. Let's try to shut it and keep him smiling!"

Sustainable Living to Little Ones

Reduce wastage - "Tissue is made of paper and paper comes from precious trees that give us Oxygen to breathe fresh air! Why not we use a cloth to wipe instead of wasting tissue paper?"

Reuse your things - "Yes its ok to wear this shirt to the birthday party even though your friends have seen it - you can tell them you're cool cuz you're all about sustainable consumption." "Ooh lets match this skirt with this blouse instead, wow a completely new look! Sustainable AND fashionable"

3. Swap & Sell 

Sustainable Living to Little Ones

Encourage your kids to swap books and toys with friends in their neighbourhood. If they really don't wish to keep things, call for a garage sale! Garage sale is a fab idea for kids to 'earn' and learn about financial health that includes saving for a rainy day!

4. Quality over Quantity

Sustainable Living to Little Ones

Always focus on the quality of items you buy for them and tell them why you are investing in something that is better in quality. For example fabrics like cotton, linen are not only good for kids' sensitive skin but can also be replenished and recycled. Cheaper fabrics like polyester are essentially plastic! Spending a few bucks more can help you build their first-ever sustainable wardrobe. A few of our favourites are Sea Apple, Frugi and of course Nimbu!!

5. Use Preloved

Sustainable Living to Little Ones
Where possible, borrow from friends, neighbours or invest in brands embracing and normalizing use of pre-loved items especially big ticket items like strollers, high chairs, etc. Brands like Nimbu are revolutionising the industry. We allow you to return your Nimbu outfit and earn credits to buy a bigger size for your child. You can also opt to buy from our extensive range of Preloved clothing!

Each time you do any of these, don't forget to encourage and cheer your little ones as they try to become more and more sustainable in their small little ways each day!

All the best and tell me how it goes.


Kriti, aka Nimbu Mama



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