Half of this year has already passed and we are still confined to our homes, unable to visit friends and family overseas. Vacationing seems like a far off concept. But what has kept us going is your faith in us!

Throughout 2020 and 2021 we have kept our operations running despite the pandemic disrupting our orders, shipments and work life. The focus on sustainability has increased manifold as people and organizations have begun to realize the long term impact of their actions on society and our children's future.

At Nimbu, we tackle a very small element of it, Fashion. Kids fashion is not just about look and feel but also about need - the need to upsize all the time as kids outgrow their outfits much faster than adults. This is where Nimbu aims to plug the gap as a sustainable option for mums to dress up their bubs, without compromising on the look and feel of the outfits.

With our Buy-Wear-Sizeup program we hope to encourage parents to trade in their kids' preloved outfits and give them a new lease of life as they become part of someone else's wardrobe.

We believe, change is possible and every small step counts.

Here's hoping to a more immune and open world (i.e. more travel) in the next half of the year!


Nimbu Mummy

July 08, 2021 — Team Nimbu