Nimbu family by Kriti Gupta Founder

Hello #Nimbufam

Today marks a new chapter for Nimbu! As I embark on this journey as a full-time entrepreneur, I'm excited to share some updates on the future of Nimbu.

The future of Nimbu is bright! I have been managing Nimbu on the side (think weeknights, weekends, PHs, 3am crazies, etc) for more than a year. Its been a crazy, challenging ride to manage with a full-time job as well as two young ones in tow. I got a lot of "How do you manage a job AND Nimbu AND kids?", until I realized that half my head has turned grey, trying to "manage" it all. 

While it started as a small attempt, your kind words of love and encouragement, the support of my family and friends, has inspired me to turn this into a movement, to leave this world a tad bit better than we found it!

 I am stoked to share that in the next few months, you can expect a LOT of updates to help you introduce sustainability in ALL aspects of your little ones' lives.

  • We are expanding our product range to introduce sustainability in all aspects of your kids' lives - think beautifully hand crafted toys, thoughtfully designed clothes and shoes for a start! 
  • Our promise of circular consumption stays -  Each item bought on Nimbu website can be resold on Nimbu once the child outgrows. Parents will always find an avenue in Nimbu to resell their Nimbu purchases, without having to worry about cluttering!
  • We are going to accept all kinds of preloved kids' items (as long as they are in great condition, irrespective of the brands) to be listed and sold on Nimbu website. Think toys, books, shoes and of course clothes! The BEST PART? It need not be branded but it should be of good quality that another family could relove! 

Our aim is for Nimbu to be the #1 trusted platform for parents to shop unique, sustainable and premium quality kids' products, guilt free.

To find out how to sell with us, click here or simply WhatsApp us at +65 8538 3446.