After 2 awful years of living with fear during the Covid-19 pandemic, adapting to the "new normal" surely took some time. Never had I ever thought we could finally have our masks off outdoors and meet up with more than 5 people! Can't believe we took LIFE for granted. The freedom to see our family, the freedom to travel, the freedom to eat out!

Speaking of adapting, as we know, toddlers do not sit still. It's either they're running around finding something to do or sleep (Nothing in between 😆) Touching anything interesting they see is definitely their ultimate goal! However, as a Mom, I still get worried and protective towards my little ones when we're having activities in public places. 

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Therefore, making sure they don't get in touch with infectious and dangerous surfaces has been my main focus these days. Here are some things I try to do, which you can also try!

  1. Tissues and Wet Wipes are ESSENTIAL

Contact with dirty surfaces? WIPE 🤧 Post-meal mess? WIPE 🤧 Any unhygienic objects? WIPE 🤧 When you're a Mom, there's no bag without those handy wipes 😂

  1. Always have hand sanitizers ready 🧴

Even though there are sinks to wash hands in most public places, having a small bottle of sanitizer is very practical and sometimes better. You could get those that are specially made for babies so you don't have to worry if your kids accidentally give it a lick 😅

  1. Prepare for alternatives 

When things go wrong, go left! Some travel destinations can be very crowded and packed. Therefore, preparing a plan B for an alternative destination is the way to go..

  1. If possible, avoid public transportations 

Yes, its not the most sustainable way to travel but if you are particular about crowds with little unvaccinated kids, then maybe that is best avoided. I've tried a few transport options and driving our own car or renting is the best! You're in control of sudden trip stops without being rushed 😉

Stay alert, safe and most importantly, sane, mamas!

May 27, 2022 — Fatima Zahra Setiawan