Before I was familiar with preloved and secondhand clothing, I had the perception that preloved wasn't good! But having studied the environmental impacts of just consuming, I've become a strong proponent of the preloved movement.

If you're still on the fence about using preloved, here's some reasons that should convince you to give nimbu preloved a shot!

1. Preloved is UNHYGENIC 😌

Preloved myth & facts

Says who? In the right hands, preloved clothes that are on sale have thoroughly been washed to ensure its cleanliness. Just because it was owned and used by someone else, doesn't mean its always dirty. For an extra safety measure, you can also wash the preloved clothes AGAIN, right?

In Nimbu, we work with a reputed dry cleaning partner to make sure the clothes you receive are in their best condition! Only the best for our Nimbu Fam 😉

2. Preloved is BAD QUALITY 😒


Preloved Myths & Facts

💥Newsflash! Preloved items are actually selectively curated and handpicked for you. We've been working with sellers with consistent records in selling clothes. What you see on our website have gone through strict selection and we know what you'll love 😘

From neutral to bold and brave colors like our Preloved Blue and Yellow Lehenga, look forward to clothes as good as new!

Besides, we also insert grades to let you know the clothes' condition so you know what to expect. 

3. Preloved is NOT STYLISH!

To be stylish, we don't have to be trendy. They say everyone has their own style and I 100% AGREE! As preloved clothes can't be found anywhere else, have been handpicked by another mama, they're unique and irreplaceable. Once you find the right clothes, you'll be addicted to preloved like I am now 😆

If you think preloved clothes for little ones can't be classy, you haven't came across something like our Preloved Gold Sequin Kurta Pajama!

Preloved Myths & Facts

Not gonna lie, I still do buy new clothes here and there. However, buying less of it and more of sustainable alternatives have been life changing both for my wardrobe and my pockets! 🤣💸 Trust me, buying preloved is definitely worth the shot.