Running a business itself is already very hard. Running a business while having to be a mom and wife, take care of kids 24/7, fulfill everyone’s needs in the house AND stay sane? Even harder!

To all the mama entrepreneurs out there, props to you! 👏🏻 As a mama to both Nimbu and my two kids, I know finding just one minute to myself between the hustle that doesn’t stop from day to night is soooo hard. From waking up to sleeping again, there’s always something I have to take care of! 😫 (Not complaining though, I love it anyway)

To show my love and respect, here’s a little shoutout for these amazing mama-owned businesses:

1. MEEM Clothings

Owned by the gorgeous Hanis Rohayat, MEEM Clothings sells exclusive premium printed shawls. As an influencer herself, she definitely has the best fashion inspos for hijabis 😍 

With each collection inspired by a country, their scarves are soft, luxurious and very beautiful! Their latest collection is called “Turkey Wanderlust” with flowers as a staple design. From pastels to dark, they’re selling the satin luxe bawal scarves in 10 colors! 

2. With March Love

Providing essentials for baby and toddler needs, Cheryl’s need for good support shoes for her first born started her business, With March Love! As she has a physiotherapy background, she is able to incorporate supportive elements into her product designs. We love some high quality and well made products, don’t we? 🤗

Besides selling comfortable and functional leather shoes (perfect for first walkers btw!), they also provide swaddles, changing mats and more baby stuff you might need 👀

3. I Love Mason Jar

Gift giving is definitely something we should do all year round! I Love Mason Jar, run by mama Linh, provides personalized gifts and home decor that radiate joy and happiness 🥰  From mugs, ornaments, prayer mats to holders for everything you need, these are perfect gifts for your loved ones! Cute little souvenirs won’t hurt anyone, right? 😆 It’ll make everyone’s day better!

Let’s support mama-owned businesses because they deserve it!

April 23, 2022 — Fatima Zahra Setiawan