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Nimbu - Our Story



As parents, we love dressing up our little boy. Within just the first year of his birth, he outgrew 4 sizes, which was not only expensive and space consuming, it was also very wasteful. After his 1st birthday we were shocked to see the mound of waste clothing (a whopping ~50kgs) that was generated in just a year of his life. This realization led to the genesis of Nimbu, a conscious clothing movement.

We call it a movement, as it is meant to spark a change in how we consume. Do we realize that while we might want to buy the whole world for our little one, he/she will outgrow it in a short span of a few months, adding to the 12 billion kilograms of waste clothing we dump in landfills each year? Are we aware of the impact of our actions on the environment and communities around us? 


When it comes to sustainable fashion, the contribution of children’s clothing to textile waste is often overlooked although it constitutes a considerable portion of what enters landfills each year. Children themselves embody the fast fashion model, with their rapid growth rate requiring a constant flow of new clothing going through 7 sizes in just the first 2 years of their life!

Nimbu, aims to bring about a change in how we choose to dress our future leaders and game changers. Through collaborative consumption, we can significantly slow down the pace of Fast Fashion. 

For a start, we have curated a gorgeous collection for you to dress up your little ones in these comfortable yet stunning ethic wear. With the story that’s behind every outfit, we hope you will love your purchase and then come back soon for the next size.

Welcome back to the world of slow fashion. :)


Mumma to Baby S popularly known as, Nimbu