Happy Ramadan, Nimbu Fam!

It’s been a week since Ramadan started this year. We hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this blessed month.

As we all know, Ramadan is an important month in the Islamic calendar, where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Families gather at this time to break their fast and participate in other spiritual activities like prayer and reflection. 

The month-long celebration brings not only spiritual rejuvenation but also cultural differences in the way people dress. During Ramadan, Muslim families often wear traditional or cultural clothing to honor the occasion.

The type of clothing worn during Ramadan varied widely depending on the country and culture. In this post, lets take you on a journey around the world and take a look at how kids’ clothing differs during Ramadan.

1. Middle East

Ramadan Around the World

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In the Middle East, boys may wear thobes, long robes worn over a shirt. The thobe is usually white but may be found in other colors. Meanwhile, girls may wear abayas, which are long, loose-fitting dresses that come in different colors and styles. Girls may also wear a headscarf called a hijab, which covers their hair and neck.

2. Southeast Asia

Ramadan Around the World

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In Southeast Asia, Muslim kids may wear traditional Malay clothing such as baju melayu or baju kurung. Baju melayu consists of a loose-fitting shirt worn over trousers, while baju kurung is a long dress that is paired with a headscarf.

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3. South Asia

In South Asia, particularly in India, girls may wear traditional clothing such as salwar kameez, a lehenga choli, or a kurti sharara paired with a headscarf called dupatta. While the boys may wear a kurta pajama, a long shirt worn over loose-fitting trousers.

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4. North Africa

Ramadan Around the World


In North Africa, the traditional kids’ clothing for Ramadan is the Kaftan, a long, flowing robe worn as a dress or pants. Kaftans come in various colors and fabrics, including bright silks and intricate embroidery.

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5. United States and Europe

Ramadan Around the World

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In other parts of the world, such as the United States or Europe, Muslim families may choose to dress their children in modern, Western-style clothing with Islamic elements, such as hijabs, modest dresses, or shirts with Islamic messages. 

In conclusion, Ramadan brings cultural differences in kids’ clothing around the world. Whether it’s a thobe or baju kurung, a kurta or a modest dress, Muslim families celebrate the holy month with pride and joy, while also honoring their cultural traditions.

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