Lost and not sure what to buy for your little one from the many options that we have? Not sure what all the terms like lehenga, kurta, sharara mean?

Look no further, this guide will help you understand Indian ethnic wear so you can shop smart!

  • Kurta Pajama:

    A kurta is basically a top, similar to a shirt but with buttons only on the top (usually). It could be embellished or have gorgeous prints. The simplest style is to pair it with straight pants called pajama. A shorter Kurta often worn by girls uptil the knee, is called a Kurti.

    Boy wearing a traditional jacket kurta pajama set


    • Kurta Dhoti:

      These Kurtas can also be worn with cotton wrap-around pants called Dhoti pants. Dhoti pants are a variation to the traditional indian wrap around skirt, worn by men.

      Boy wearing a traditional kurta dhoti set


      Dhoti can be worn by both girls and boys. For girls, you can choose to add a little scarf called chunni to complete the look.

      indian traditional costume dhoti kurti

      Kids wearing a traditional kurta dhoti set

      For traditional events, Deepawali celebrations in school, these would be great options to explore.


      • Lehenga Cholis, Ghagras and Pattu pavadai:

      A Lehenga choli set, is a three-piece attire comprising the lehenga - a long, ankle length skirt, the choli (blouse); and, with a dupatta / chunni, a long, thin scarf that is often draped around the neck or let loose on the shoulders. In the south of India, these are made in silk (Pattu) and are known as Pattu Pavadai sets.

      Girl wearing a South Indian traditional Pattu Pavadai set

      These outfits are usually worn on ceremonial occasions, festivals and weddings, across India. More often than not, these outfits are the most traditional choice for infant girls, and they are now available in a variety of styles and patterns. 

      Girl wearing an Indo-western style lehenga choli


      • Anarkalis and Shararas:

      The Anarkali is made up of a long, frock-style top and features a slim fitted bottom. It generally consists of 3 separates – a flared, frock-length kurta, fitted at the waist, a churidaar (very long fitted bottom that collects into folds near the ankles) and a dupatta (stole / scarf)

      anarkali indian costume

      Girl wearing a traditional block print anarkali kurta with churidar pajama

      The Sharara is a type of flared pants - loose around the legs with a large flare. 

      Girl wearing a traditional block print sharara set

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      September 22, 2022 — Kriti Gupta