For kids, a play and learn balance is much needed to help them grow and adapt with real-life activities. So, why choose between play or learn with toys when you can do both? Understanding culture, manners and other mandatory life lessons through toys are very much possible. If you're looking for fun yet educational toys for your little ones, keep scrolling this article for options!

1. From crochet, with love

This Ganesha wool doll is wholeheartedly handmade to introduce culture to our little ones. With a physical medium like this, we can share stories about Ganesha and it's mindblowing mythology. The handcrafters at Wooly Woos are all women artisans and uber talented. Material-wise, it is very soft, sturdy and can be carried around with no worry! You can purchase this, other crochet dolls and finger puppets on Nimbu's website.

educational toys in singapore

2. Plastic who? These are WOODEN toys!

Through sustainable play, unite our little ones with fun toys which are good for the earth. Besides it being baby-safe and eco friendly, these wooden toys by PlanToys USA can stimulate and train intelligence one step at a time!

They provide puzzles, active play, musical toys, blocks, constructions, and others that are a great activity for the kiddos. There are plenty options for all age groups on their website. You can also buy, sell and reuse the toys you purchase through their TOYCYCLE program.

educational toys in singapore
3. Stimulate minds with Montessori Toys
This India-based business called Ariro Toys provides various wooden toys from different categories. They support child-safe and purposeful play, hence involved Montessori professionals in their product development!
educational toys in singapore
Made from neem wood, their toys are handcrafted, easy to hold, support exploration and develops auditory senses and fine motoric skills too. You can also see the different options they provide on Nimbu's website!
4. Stage-based play essentials
Make the most out of that limited playtime with play kits from Lovevery! Not only does the toys make parenting easier, but it also is child-safe and sustainable. Each product is actually tailored and customized according to our little ones' development stage. This way, we can have the right toys at the right time.
educational toys in singapore
From "The Looker" play kit for 0-12 week babies to "The Analyst" for 46-48 week babies, there's something for everyone! The play kits consist of books, holdable toys and other items that have vibrant colors develop strength and intelligence. Check out their website to see other options, including play gyms and montessori play shelves.


Because each age group has its own concerns and needs, picking the right toys for your little ones is crucial! Make sure its safe for their age and is able to fulfill their curiosity too. Go learn as much as you can, kiddos! But don't forget to play (a lot) along the way 😜

November 08, 2022 — Fatima Zahra Setiawan
Tags: Kids toys