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Honeycombers Feature : Nimbu is One of The Best Sustainable Fashion Brands in the Country!
Source: Honeyocombers

Honeycombers, one of Singapore's top media platforms, recognized us as one of the best sustainable fashion brands in the country! They featured us in their recent article titled "Ethical and eco-friendly: We’re shopping consciously at sustainable fashion brands in Singapore."

At Nimbu, we're all about creating a circular brand for kids that reduces waste in the fashion industry. We're thrilled that Honeycombers recognized our unique approach to sustainability and the effort we're making towards creating a better future for our children.

Here’s what Honeycombers said about Nimbu:
“Parents, have you ever thought about the number of clothes you’d be buying for your kid? This revelation came to the founders of Nimbu, who were shocked by the number of clothes their son had outgrown in a year (over 50kg worth!). As adorable as those baby socks might be, it won’t take long for your little one to move on to big kid shoes. Nimbu aims to change this cycle by being the first circular brand for kids, offering a wardrobe that can grow with your child. How does this work? Purchase clothes from Nimbu’s website, and return them in exchange for credits to offset your next purchase!”

We'd like to take a moment to thank our amazing customers for their support in helping us achieve this recognition. We believe that shopping can still be enjoyable while being environmentally conscious, and we're honored to be part of a movement towards more sustainable fashion choices! 


Honeycombers Feature : Nimbu is One of The Best Sustainable Fashion Brands in the Country!
Source: Nimbu 

Speaking of sustainable fashion, have you ever thought about the advantages of preloved clothing? Here’s why it’s worth considering:

  • It can save you a lot of money! 
  • It's also a sustainable way to reduce your carbon footprint. You’ll help the environment!
  • It offers unique pieces that you won't find in regular stores.
  • You’ll be supporting a sustainable fashion industry.

[5-6] Preloved Royal Blue Chaniya Choli Crop Top & Skirt  [0-1 yrs] Preloved Mustard Yellow Angarkha Sharara with Tassels
Source: Nimbu’s beautiful Preloved Collections

And here at Nimbu, we're proud to offer preloved options alongside our own clothing lines.  So, next time you're looking to refresh your wardrobe, consider checking out some of our preloved options too!

 Thanks for being part of the Nimbu family, and stay tuned for more exciting updates. Don't forget to check out the Honeycombers full article to see some of the other great sustainable fashion brands featured.

May 02, 2023 — Luthfina Amalia