When the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly started, it hit all of us like a truck in so many aspects, especially for entrepreneurs like me. Flashback to almost 3 years ago, there were so many adaptations and rearrangements that had to be made. However, we took this as an opportunity instead. Just like what they say, "When there's a will, there's a way!"

It's safe to say that Nimbu is a pandemic baby, because we launched in the midst of the pandemic chaos back then. Although we had a rough start, we began thriving and hopefully will keep doing so this 2023 ❤️

Nimbu's story and several others were recently featured by HoneyCombers, here's an excerpt of the article:

Nimbu's concept was launched on the day Singapore announced Dorscon Orange (the scariest state of the pandemic back then). I vividly remember our first pop-up bustling with excitement. Everyone asked about our strategy with the pandemic looming. All our physical events were cancelled and we were made to pivot on day two.

We took it as an opportunity and worked hard on making a kick-ass website. While our competitors struggled to merge brick-and-mortar with the web, we had a 100% online strategy. E-commerce became the mainstay and backbone of our business.

This pivot worked out great, but we also had a challenge as a circular brand. During Covid, people weren’t really jumping on the idea of preloved or second-hand – even less so for little ones. It took a massive amount of education and expensive partnerships with renowned dry cleaning companies to instil confidence in our consumers. But preloved still didn’t do well.

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