Drum rolls please!!!! 

We are super excited to tell you that our baby Nimbu has won the ✨Silver Award for Best Stores for Eco-Chic Kiddos at the HoneyCombers Asia Sustainability Awards 2023.✨

Can we get a virtual high-five? 🙌This awesome achievement reflects our commitment at Nimbu of offering stylish, eco-conscious options for the trendiest little munchkins out there. 

Sustainability Awards 2023 HoneyCombers(Source: Honeycombers)

Let's start by thanking everyone who voted and made this award possible. The HoneyCombers Asia Sustainability Awards 2023 garnered a whopping 2,500 votes! Talk about sustainability enthusiasts coming together to make a difference. 

Nimbu wins Silver for Best Stores for Eco-Chic Kiddos

(Source: Nimbu Singapore)

Okay, let's get to the exciting part—Nimbu won the Silver Award for being Singapore's first circular brand for kids, offering a wardrobe that grows with your child. We’re thrilled to prove that eco-friendly can be both stylish and cool!!👏

Let's continue supporting sustainable shopping by going circular. Don't miss out on the last two days to participate in our Return and Earn campaign. Remember, every single purchase from Nimbu comes with an incredible bonus—50% credit straight into your account. And yes, this offer is also valid for our exciting new launch!

Nimbu wins Silver for ‘The Best Stores for Eco-Chic Kiddos’! (Source: Nimbu Singapore)

So, what are you waiting for? Shop with us today and be part of the sustainable movement that's shaping a better future for all. Let's shop, return, and continue the cycle of fashion in a responsible and eco-friendly way! ♻️💚

May 30, 2023 — Luthfina Amalia