Exclusive discounts to our Diwali Fun Fiesta workshops on 28-29 Oct

About the Event:

  • Dates: October 28th and 29th, 2023, 11am - 8pm
  • Location: The Green Collective, #02-18, Funan Mall
  • Purpose: To promote sustainable Diwali celebrations and foster cultural appreciation among children of all backgrounds.

What to Expect:

  • Workshops: Engaging workshops on sustainable living, traditional Diwali crafts, and more.
  • Children's Activities: Bollywood dancing, sweet-making classes, and hands-on DIY crafts.
  • Cultural Exchange: Encourage children to learn about the significance of Diwali from various perspectives.
  • Community Spirit: A platform for diverse communities to come together and celebrate.
  • Sustainable Shopping: Shop from Nimbu’s curated range of preloved kids’ ethnic wear from top Indian brands at great prices. Enjoy Diwali and festive goodies from The Green Collective’s range of sustainable brands from food to home decor to gifting.

We look forward to hearing from you and hosting you soon.

Details of the workshops:

  • 28th Oct, 11am - Diwali Craft and Storytelling with Megha - Discover the magic of Diwali and let your kids unleash their creativity through exciting crafts. It's an opportunity for them to learn, create, and embrace the spirit of this vibrant festival. Kids will be making Diwali photoframe painting, Rangoli making, Story session. Tickets available at $35 per kid. Book a spot here.

  • 28th Oct, 4pm - Storytelling with Namita - Once Diya arrives in India, she immediately feels at home with Nani. Together they go shopping at the bazaar and prepare for the festival. As Diya and Nani celebrate Diwali together, Diya’s heart soars. But all too soon, her trip will come to an end. Is there a way for Diya to take some of the light and magic of Diwali with her when she leaves? Join us on a fun journey with Namita as she takes us through Diya’s world. FOC. Book your spot here 

  • 29th Oct, 4pm - Bolly dancing with Farz - Ever wanted to introduce Bollywood dance to your little ones to see if it's their vibe? Desimix Juniors is the best way to go! By emphasizing the importance of fun and memory retention, Desimix Juniors is the perfect class to generate genuine interest for Bollywood dance! Tickets available at $20 per kid. Book a spot here.