Making this Ramadan more meaningful by focusing on our own self! It’s almost a week through Ramadan and it feels sooo fulfilling so far! As the COVID-19 restrictions are loosen up, family meetings and iftar feasts are slowly getting back to normal just like two years ago. Say goodbye to online gatherings and having to deal with bad signals 😂 

However, the point of Ramadan isn’t just fasting, avoiding drinks and food and looking forward to iftar, it’s the things we do in between too! As it’s only once a year, we better make the most out of it. Here are a few things I do (which you can do too) to make Ramadan more meaningful 👇🏻

Deepen Your Ramadan Experience: Give Back to Those in Need

Ramadan more meaningful

Making this Ramadan more meaningful doesn't just come from personal reflection and prayer, it's also about extending a helping hand to those in need. Either to trusted foundations, communities or even to the people around us that are in need, give back! It could be in the form of free meals, snacks, clothes or even some money, whatever you are capable of ☺️

Here's a simple idea to spark your Ramadan generosity. Something I implement is having some cash in the front door so Grab drivers or mailmen that are dropping by during this holy month can take it! It might seem a little for us, but can mean the world to them.

You can also donate in Ramadan through online charity platforms like for different muslim communities, Giving for many charity programs and Food From the Heart to donate cash to give food towards those in need.

Getting closer to Hari Raya, a family tradition of mine is giving out parcels and hampers to our loved ones. It could be cookies, cakes or even something they could wear for Raya. If you’re looking for beautiful sustainable Raya outfits for your little ones, check out our Raya Edit!

Keep friends close, and family closer in Ramadan

Ramadan more meaningful

As something that’s closely related to bonding with relatives, Ramadan is when we must keep in touch and talk to our families and friends. I usually catch up and socialize with family members through Whatsapp, but near Raya, I visit my hometown and spend time with my cousins too! If possible, send your loved ones Raya packages, check out Simply Hampers for beautiful crafted ones or Houz of Vendor for halal snacks hampers 😍 

Stay Mindful In doing the good deeds in Ramadan, stay mindful and have a positive attitude towards it. If you do prayers, charity and other activities wholeheartedly, good things will definitely come back to you in no time ❤️

Let us know what you usually do to make Ramadan more meaningful, Nimbu Fam! Have a great Ramadan 😇