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Happy Earth Day today!🌎 It’s a special day and you as a conscious parent might have planned on attending sustainability events with your kids or observing earth hour by turning off the lights for an hour.  But then, should we dedicate only a single day to our precious earth? 

Instead why not make every day earth day?!

5 Easy Tips for Living Eco-Friendly with Kids

We believe that even small actions can make a big difference for our precious planet. By living an eco-friendly lifestyle with our kiddos, they learn to care for the planet. So, we’ve come up with 5 easy tips for living eco-friendly that you can start with your little ones!✨✨

1. Turn it Off!

5 Easy Tips for Living Eco-Friendly with Kids
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It’s not uncommon for our family members to forget to turn off their electronics completely, right? But leaving electronics on standby uses unnecessary energy, so let's encourage our kids to turn them off at the wall when they're finished using them.

2. Food for thought

5 Easy Tips for Living Eco-Friendly with Kids
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One of the most impactful lifestyle changes could be to teach our little ones a valuable lesson about food waste. Encourage them to take only as much as they can finish  so we can avoid contributing to landfills.You can also do your part by meal planning and using up leftovers creatively.

3. Make an Earth Care Carry Pack

5 Easy Tips for Living Eco-Friendly with Kids
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Let's face it - we use way too much plastic in our daily lives! From grocery bags to straws to water bottles, it's everywhere. The problem is, plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose, which means it just sits in landfills or even worse, ends up in our oceans. 

Make it a point to  leave the house with a cloth bag, a reusable bottle and cutleries and straw so that you can avoid using single use plastic . It may seem small, but these habits formed in early years last a  and count more than they seem! 

4. Get Moving

5 Easy Tips for Living Eco-Friendly with Kids
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Going car-less is a great way to help the planet! Cars that run on fossil fuels are friendly neither to your pocket nor to the planet.

If you can, try walking, biking, or taking public transport instead of always driving. Getting the kids involved can make it even more exciting! Take a stroll to the park, bike to the library or take the bus to explore a new part of the city. It will give you a lot of time to bond and make sure your are fit! 🚲🚲

5. Eco-friendly Fashion Choice

5 Easy Tips for Living Eco-Friendly with Kids- Nimbu Kids SG
Source: Nimbu 

Next time your little ones need to refresh their wardrobes, why not opt for eco-friendly clothing or buy preloved?  You can even support local businesses that make sustainability a priority, like Nimbu.
We are Singapore's first circular brand for kids offering a wardrobe that grows with your child. Any purchase made on us can be returned in exchange for credits that can offset your next purchase! Check out our guilt-free clothing collection for new and pre-loved on our website!

As part of Earth Day festivities, join us for our next pop-up event this weekend with Marina Central SG and CitySprout! We're showcasing our brand-new spring collections, and there's a fun workshop for the little ones. 

Save the date:
📅 Friday & Saturday, 21-22 April (4-8 pm)
📅 Sunday, 23 April (3-7 pm)
📍Located at Link Bridge between Marina Square and Millenia Walk (level 2)

Also, bring some kids clothes and toys to swap - in good condition, of course - and get instant credits to buy something more age-appropriate for your kiddo! It's gonna be awesome!🤩

Let's work together to make a difference and show our planet some love!🌎❤️


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