Expat Living is synonymous with style, fashion, home and family life in Singapore. I would flip through the pages, dreaming of a day when we'd be featured among those amazing brands and renowned names. 

It was such a privilege for our Founder, Kriti to speak to Rebecca, the chief editor at Expat Living on all things life, Nimbu and Singapore! Sometimes, there isn't anything better than new experiences and adventures. Hence, moving to Singapore was one of those decisions that was the most defining moment in her life and she spills all the beans in this interview! 

Here's an excerpt of the interview:

Tell us a bit about working in Singapore.

Since university days, I’d always been passionate about climate change and sustainability, so I looked for opportunities to contribute to the sector. My first job in the energy sector was tough as I had to convince my company to consider electric vehicles as a key area to develop and invest in, at a time when they weren’t common on roads. I remain deeply passionate about electromobility and its potential, and I’m proud to say that my 10 years of work in this space, through my various roles in the public sector, contributed to the government’s announcement in 2020 about Singapore going fully electric by 2040.

While I had these amazing opportunities at work, I wanted to do something closer to home! The day my first child turned one, I remember standing in the guest room overwhelmed with the amount of clothes he had accumulated in just a year. That’s what led to the genesis of Nimbu – Singapore’s first circular brand for kids.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

I recently moved to Nimbu full-time, which has freed me up to do more in terms of strategy and business expansion. I’m a night person so my mornings are for less stressful tasks like responding to emails and answering customer enquiries. Afternoons are for calls with brand partners and our tech team, and social media planning. I try to keep early evening free for my little ones’ dinner and bedtime. Then I’m back to the laptop for things that need proper mind space like strategy and partnerships.

As a mum, I find I can only focus after the kids are in bed; so 9pm to midnight is my most productive time (unless one of them wakes up, and then being a mum takes precedence!).

Read the full article for her entire interview where she bares it all!

November 08, 2022 — Fatima Zahra Setiawan