Hey there, mamas! Worried your fam might forget about Mother's Day or struggle to find the perfect gift? Fret not! With Mother's Day just around the corner on Sunday, May 14th, we've got just the right ideas for you! 

All you have to do is send this article to your family members and sit back and wait for mother's day to be surprised! 😉

1. Mother’s Day “Let Us Lounge” and “Let Us Chill” Gift Set

As a mom, we know you've got a lot on your plate, from taking care of the kids to juggling work and household duties. The best gift for yourself is a relaxed day with your kids! That's why our limited Mother's Day Gift Set is a perfect gift for you. 

Mother's Day "Let us Lounge" Gift Set (at 30% 0ff)
Source: Nimbu

Our limited edition “Let Us Lounge” Gift Set includes a cozy and stylish lounge set for you and your mini-me to relax in, a beautiful gift box to store all your cherished memories, and a handwritten gift card to add a personal touch. All this for just $88 (worth $136)!! 

Mother's Day "Let us Chill" Gift Set (at 35% 0ff)
Source: Nimbu

But wait, there's more! Check out our "Let Us Chill" Gift Set. It's worth $152 and comes with a women's dress, a unisex child's shirt, plus a free Nimbu gift box and card. How cool is that?!✨

Nimbu Gift Box
Source: Nimbu Gift Box

But if you want to explore more options, don't worry. You can still show your love for mom with any purchase from our women's wear collection. Just use the code LOVEMUM at checkout, and you'll receive a free Nimbu gift box to pack all your Mother's Day goodies in!

🛍️Nimbu, online shopping, same day and next day delivery available in SG.

2. Decluttering Service

What is a better gift than a clean house/office without you having to do anything?!! Check out Orderly for your Mother’s Day Gift for some professional tidying up services! 

Top Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms in Singapore
Source: Orderly

Here's how it works - you chat with them first, then they'll come over to declutter and design your space, organize your stuff, and even check in with you after a month to see how it's going. Book a free consulation with Orderly on their website!

🛍️ Orderly, Book Online

3. A Spa Day!

We all know that being a mom is a tough job, and sometimes you forget to take care of yourself while you are  busy taking care of everyone else🥹. But on Mother's Day, it's time to treat every mom to some much-needed pampering!✨

Top Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms
Source: Ikeda Spa

The Ikeda Spa’s exclusive spa packages for Mother’s Day might just be the perfect thing. Book their special promo here!

🛍️ Ikeda Spa, 787 Bukit Timah Road (Before 6th Ave) Singapore 269762

4. Planning Pajama Party for Mom with Her Friends

Nothing beats some quality time with her girl friends for a mom.. so this Mother's day, plan a night in for mommy with her friends. Movies, games, gossip, face masks and foot soaks - all 9 yards! We are sure you will remember this gift for a long time to come!

Top Mother's Day Gift Ideas
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And don't forget to wear your new PJ set from our Mother's Day Gift Hampers to make it even cozier! 

5. Personalized Poetry Services

A heartfelt Mother’s Day gift? How about a personalized poem crafted just for the mom? The Novel Encounter offers a Customised Typewritten Poetry service that's perfect for the occasion. 

Top Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms - Personalized Poetry
Source: The Novel Encounter

All you have to do is provide three words and a little backstory about who it's for and why, and they'll turn it into a beautiful poem you will cherish forever. Let your fam give you a gift you'll never forget. Check out their service today!
🛍️ The Novel Encounter, order online

6. Gifting a skill 

Looking for a unique and creative gift idea this Mother's Day? How about a skill that you have been wanting to learn for a long time but could never take out the time?! 

Top Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Gifting a Skill
Source: Freepik

Experiences are always the best thing to gift. So this mother's day, how about gifting the mom something that she has been wanting to learn forever - whether it's a new dance style, or learning to use Chat GPT for work, or hair braiding or martial art or pottery.. Gift her a session to try and see how she likes it. And for all you know, you might end up gifting her a hobby for a lifetime. 

7. Stay fit with a New Fitness Gear

Staying healthy and fit is important, and what better way to encourage your mom than with some fitness gear as a Mother's Day gift? Whether she's a yogi, runner, or weightlifter, there's something for every fitness enthusiast🧘🏻‍♀️

Top Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Fitness Gear
Source: YOF Athletica

For the stylish and eco-conscious moms who love to stay active, check out YOF Athletica! They offer fashionable activewear that's perfect for studio workouts or casual wear. They also have an awesome Blissful Cork Yoga Mat made with natural rubber that would make a great Mother's Day gift. They're based in Singapore, but they can ship worldwide.

🛍️ YOF Athletica, online shopping


As a mom, you deserve the best, and we hope our Mother's Day gift ideas will give some inspiration to your loved ones to make this day extra special for you! Or just go ahead and pick one for yourself! As they say, no love like self love! 

Happy Mother's Day! 💖


May 10, 2023 — Luthfina Amalia