Moms, have you ever wondered how to instill a love of our planet in your little ones? Imagine teaching them to appreciate the wonders of nature while using everyday items and clothing choices to make a positive impact.

Nimbu & The Forest Child

Inspired by this vision, Nimbu has partnered with The Forest Child! We are ready to present a collection of children's clothing with unique, comfortable options and soft colors. Perfect for the little explorers to explore the world in style, no need to fear the humidity! 

Nature's Canvas: Designs Made with Love

Nimbu Kids & The Forest Child

The Forest Child designs are very special, trust me! Inspired by nature, the collections are more than just eye-catching. Talented designers bring nature to life with stunning artwork. The designs are then carved into blocks and screens. Blocks and screens are used to print artwork onto fabrics, creating clothes and accessories.

More Than Just Clothes: A Community of Care

Nimbu Kids & The Forest Child

Another special thing about The Forest Child is its care for people and nature. Just like us, Nimbu, these clothes are handcrafted with heart and love. Making their brand a living community, a loving family that includes the talented artisans of their customers. This is what makes the brand special. 

Sustainable Style for Little Adventurers

Nimbu Kids & The Forest Child

We said earlier that The Forest Child is very interesting, breaking new ground with nature designs, interesting colors, and crazy features like using coconut shell buttons, cotton labels, etc!

But more than that, we know you mums, we want to dress our kids in cute and trendy clothes without worrying about allergies. Kids sleepwear that can be worn by girls or boys (unisex). Clothes that don't make them cranky because they're hot. And we without a doubt recommend you to buy this collection from The Forest Child. So give them something reliable that they can get excited about!

The Forest Child for Children Bright Futures

Nimbu Kids & The Forest Child

The Forest Child is a proof of the power of passion and commitment to sustainability. Their focus on handmade, nature-inspired designs and eco-friendly practices makes them a standout brand in the world of kids' clothing. At Nimbu Kids, we are proud to feature such an inspiring brand on our platform, as we continue our mission to provide sustainable options for parents and children alike.


Sustainability isn't just for grown-ups! 🌿👧👦 At Nimbu, we're all about making eco-friendly choices fun and easy for your little ones. Our unique BUY-USE-RETURN cycle ensures that the stylish outfits your kids wear today can become the cherished garments of tomorrow's tiny trendsetters. Let's join hands in creating a greener planet, one adorable outfit at a time. 💚🌏. Dress your little one in nature's embrace with The Forest Child Collection, exclusively available at Nimbu!