Hi, Mumma! 

Do you think that ethnic wear like ‘Kurta Pajama’ are only for school events and parties? Think again! Outfits like Kurta Pajama for boys are simple easy. 

It’s a fantastic way to add some color and variety to their everyday clothes. 

If you’re looking for a trendy and cozy addition to your boy’s wardrobe, kurta pajama is the answer!

Sky Blue Stripes Organic Cotton Long Kurta - Nimbu Kids


A kurta is basically a top that’s like a shirt but with buttons only on the top (usually). It comes in many styles, gorgeous prints, and lovely colors.You could even get ones with embellishment for special occasions. The simplest way to wear it is to pair it with straight pants called pajama. 

So, here are 4 top reasons why you’ll be thrilled to add kurta pajama to your little man's wardrobe:

1. Comfortable 

Barkha Indigo Kurta Pajama by Nimbu
Barkha Indigo Kurta Pajama by Nimbu

Nothing beats comfort when it comes to clothing for kids! We all know how active our kids can be, and it’s crucial for them to have clothes made with soft and comfy materials. That’s Nimbu’s concern, too! 

Our Kurta Pajama is made from premium soft cotton and silk, making it comfortable to wear, even in hot and humid weather like here in SG🌞. Your child will feel comfortable all day long, whether they’re playing outdoors or attending an event.

2. Easy to Wear

Peach Coral Kurta Pajama with side buttons  by Nimbu
Peach Coral Kurta Pajama with side buttons  by Nimbu

Kurta pajama is very easy to wear, especially for kids. Nimbu pajama has elasticated waists making it very easy to slip in and out. And as a busy mum, no need to worry about the maintenance of this outfit! It’s effortless to wash and maintain, giving you one less thing to stress about😉

3. Stylish and Fashionable

Beige and Maroon Kurta Pajama with Jacket Set by Nimbu
Beige and Maroon Kurta Pajama with Jacket Set by Nimbu

Your child deserves to look and feel amazing, and that’s exactly what a kurta pajama can do for them!

With a variety of design, colors, and patterns to choose from, you can easily find one that matches your child’s personality

4. Versatile Ethnic Wear

Kurta Pajama is the perfect outfit for any occasion, whether it’s a fancy wedding, a joyful festival, or a cozy family gathering.

Kali Cotton Kurta Pajama with Stitched Jacket twins with girls' Kali Lehenga set.
Kali Cotton Kurta Pajama with Stitched Jacket twins with 
girls' Kali Lehenga set.

It’s also a perfect option for upcoming Raya festivities. When it’s time for families to gather and spend the day together, your child will look and feel their best during this special occasion🥰.

If you are stressed about what your boy will wear for Raya celebration at his school, and you don’t have an outfit yet. Worry not, head to our website and select a perfect Raya outfit for your kid and get it delivered in time! 


You got it! Kurta pajama is a must-have for your kids’ ethnic wardrobe. You can find a variety of premium cotton kurta pajamas on Nimbu’s collections, so check them out and pick your favorite one for your little one!

The Best Part?

Every outfit bought in Nimbu can be returned after kids have outgrown it, in exchange for credits that offset your next purchase! That’s our Circular promise. So, shop guilt-free with Nimbu

April 12, 2023 — Luthfina Amalia