With June here, it's time for the much-awaited June holiday activities! Unfortunately, the wet weather in Singapore this month means that some of our usual outdoor activities are off the table 🌧️🙁 

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some exciting indoor activities for kids in Singapore this June holiday:

Join Our Exciting Workshops and Experiences at The Social Space

Get ready for an amazing June at The Social Space in Duo Galleria, where Nimbu and The Green Collectives have lined up some incredible events just for your little ones:

Afro Dance for Kids

June Holiday Activities : Afro Dance for Kids(Source: thegreencollectivesg.peatix.com)

Let your kids experience a fun dance class that will introduce them to the vibrant culture of Africa. With exciting games and mnemonics, your little dancers are sure to have a blast!

Hands-on Block Printing Workshop

june holiday activities: hands on block printing workshop(Source: thegreencollectivesg.peatix.com)

Unleash your kid’s creativity and join our expert instructors in a block printing workshop. Learn to create unique patterns on fabric and paper, and watch your kid’s artistic skills come to life 😍.

Paper Mosaic Art

june holiday activities: paper mosaic workshop(Source: thegreencollectivesg.peatix.com)

Discover the joy of making paper mosaics and engage in a relaxing craft session with our group of Happy Weavers. This activity not only promotes mental well-being but also allows your kids to create beautiful art. Let's spread happiness and raise awareness together!

Eco Explorer Clubs

june holiday activities eco explorer's club at the social space duo galleria(Source: thegreencollectivesg.peatix.com)

Join us on an eco adventure and let your kids become a sustainability superhero! Embark on a thrilling scavenger hunt, uncovering secrets of sustainable living and finding innovative ways to protect our planet. Experienced storytellers will captivate the audience with enchanting tales that highlight the wonders of nature and the significance of sustainable choices. Get ready for an exciting journey!

📅You can find the schedule here:





Sat, June 10

2.00 pm

Afro Dance for Kids

📍At The Social Space, 

7 Fraser Street, #01-07 Duo Galleria

4.00 pm

Afro Dance for Kids

Sun, June 11

11.00 am

Hands On Block Printing Workshop

Tue, June 13

2.30 pm

Paper Mosaic Workshop by Weaving Happiness

Wed, June 14

4.00 pm

Afro Dance for Kids

Sat, June 17 

10.00 am

Eco Explorers Club

Sun, June 25

10.00 am

Eco Explorers Club

Mark your calendars for these exciting events and get ready to have a summer filled with creativity, learning, and lots of fun!✨

Rock climbing at T Hall

june holiday activities at T-Hall Singapore(Source: T-Hall Facebook Page)

You and your kids will have a blast climbing the walls at T Hall. This amazing rock climbing gym offers a wide range of challenges suitable for climbers of all skill levels and ages and our kids absolutely love it. It's the perfect indoor activity for some adrenaline-pumping excitement!

Children's Season 2023: Museum Fun (National Museum)

june holiday activities at National Museum Singapore(Source: National Museum Singapore)

Take your family to an annual Children's Season. This year's theme is "Hopes and Dreams," and it's all about exploring different jobs and inventions in Singapore's past and present, to inspire kids to discover their own aspirations. With interactive exhibits and programs, it's an indoor experience that combines learning and fun for your kiddos!

Visit The Science Centre

june holiday activities: visit science centre(Source: Science Centre Singapore)

The Science Centre is always a great option for kids. With a wide range of interactive exhibits and shows, kids are sure to have a great time exploring and learning. Plus, the centre also has a great food court and retail shops. This edutainment center makes science exciting for kids (and adults!)

SuperPark: Archery, Skate,Trampolines

june holday activities: SuperPark(Source: SuperPark Singapore)

Let your little ones unleash their energy at SuperPark, the ultimate indoor playground. They can pedal away on the cool Pedal Car Track (with bikes for older kids and tricycles for the little ones), zoom down an awesome tube slide, try out the flying fox, bounce on trampolines, play archery, and have a blast with ball games like SuperBall and BaseBall. Trust me, your kids won't want to leave!

Family Sleepover at Changi 'A Night at the Airport'

june holiday activities: camping at changi(Source: Changi Airport)

Experience an exciting family sleepover at Changi Airport's 'A Night at the Airport' event. Families can take part in educational activities, like a playful quest to learn about the airport's evolution, and a hands-on crafts workshop where you can make your very own mini airport to bring home. It's a unique and exciting camping experience your family won't want to miss!

DIY Bento Cake Decorating Workshop

june holiday activities: DIY Bento Cake(Source: Seek Sophie)

Unleash your little one's creativity at a DIY Bento Cake Decorating Workshop with Galore Bake Studio. They'll learn to shape and decorate cute cakes, making mealtime super fun and artsy! During this 1.5hr, let their imagination take charge and decorate away. Materials are provided, and the best part is, you do not have to do any cleaning!

Hand-building Pottery (Get Your Hands Dirty!)

june holiday activities: learn how to shape claySource: Seek Sophie

Get crafty with your kids at a hand-building pottery workshop. They will learn to knead, pinch or mould the clay pieces into bowls, cups, mini planters and more. This is a fun way for them to know how ceramics are made. And you'll be amazed by their pottery pieces that are full of creativity.

So there you have it, moms! While the wet weather may put a damper on some of our outdoor June holiday activities, there’s no need to be bored. With these 11 exciting indoor activities, your children can explore, learn, and have fun all in the comfort of the indoors this holiday. 

We hope these activities can provide some inspiration and help make the June holidays a fun and memorable one for the whole family ✨

June 10, 2023 — Luthfina Amalia