Being a mom and a business owner at the same time isn't the easiest thing to do. A loooot of sacrifices and rearrangements must be made along the way. However, working smart and finding shortcuts is the way to go! 🚀

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An excerpt of the article 👇🏻

According to Kriti Gupta, Singapore is a great place for anyone looking to start a company. “I think the fact that we can get domestic help and schools offer whole-day childcare services makes it easier for working moms to succeed!” Here are Kriti’s top tips for mums looking to start a new business in Singapore.

Community support is essential

“The stress is on the word community. Singapore is a small place and is well connected physically and digitally. Many groups on Facebook and Telegram are free to join and give you access to other mums dealing with similar challenges. A great one for me has been Launchpad, albeit it is a paid service, but the network of entrepreneurs is strong, and the access to experts is unbeatable, so for me, it is a worthwhile investment.”

Do your research and apply for Government grants

There is lots of Government support for new companies in Singapore. “Check out Enterprise Singapore and StartupSG provide support for new companies through various schemes like the Productivity grant and Startup SG grants. If you are at an early stage of business planning, it would be useful to reach out to Enterprise Singapore on this.”

You don’t need to do everything yourself

Work out your strengths and what you personally bring to the business that will help in its success. This will help highlight where you can afford to delegate or need expert help. “It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to hire help – my advice would be to try your socials and post on Linkedin, Glints and Cultjobs for freelance options within Singapore. A good way to save money is to reach out to International candidates in the region via Fiver or Upwork – you can get quality work for less!”

Kriti Gupta, Founder, Nimbu

September 13, 2022 — Fatima Zahra Setiawan