Dark Blue and Gold Bandhej Kurta Set - Nimbu Kids
Dark Blue and Gold Bandhej Kurta Set - Nimbu Kids

Black and Gold Bandhej Kurta Set

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Rayon cotton dark blue and gold Jaipuri bandhej kurta (top) with soft cotton pajamas.

A little note about this special fabric - Rayon cotton is very soft and breathable, perfect for (super active aka sweaty) kids living in sunny Singapore or similar tropical climates.

And one on the print - Bandhani, also known as 'Bandhej'; is a type of tie and dye textile which is adorned by plucking the cloth into many bindings, that form a design. Practiced mainly in the Indian states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and some parts of Uttar Pradesh, the word Bandhani is derived from a Sanskrit word 'Bandha' which means 'to tie'.

Also, this comes in another colour, yellow and red for boys!

This is a handicraft product made by the local artisans of the beautiful “Pink City” Jaipur in India. Each piece is unique and lovingly created by hand.

Size chart (in cm) for reference*

Size chart

* Individual sizes may vary slightly